Let’s talk about quizzes. If you’re looking to grow your audience and want a great way to engage and entertain them, a quiz lead magnet is a good idea for you. They have become more and more popular as a lead magnet recently, and is it any wonder? 

When you have a quiz lead magnet on your site you have a tool that’s valuable to your audience and to you. Quizzes can increase the time potential clients invest in you, the time they spend on your website and they give you the means to offer a truly tailored, valuable response to your visitors.

I love creating quiz lead magnets – and here’s the lowdown I why I think you will too!

A quiz lead magnet is engaging

People love completing good quizzes, as they help them feel understood. When you have questions and responses that directly relate to them and gives them helpful info to help them change or solve a problem, you’re engaging them at a deeper level. 

And of course, you’re also introducing them to your world. Give them a good, helpful quiz and they’ll also share it with their friends – helping you potentially go viral too.

They help increase commitment

Visitors to your website are investing time when they take your quiz. This helps heighten their interest and increase commitment, as they’re more invested in the results and potentially your business.

A quiz lead magnet enables you to segment people

The beauty of a quiz lead magnet is it helps you segment people prior to them joining your list. You can segment them according to their answers or results. Just make sure you set up tags in the your mailing list.

You gain valuable audience insights

If you’re looking to get to know your audience better, a quiz will help. You gain valuable information about your audience and how they think and feel about the things you’re asking them. This information will help you resonate with your audience, and create and provide more tailored solutions, further down the line.

You can offer tailored outcomes to offer higher value to your target audience

Talking of tailored solutions, your quiz enables you to give tailored outcomes to different groups of people. This means high value, personalised content to the participant at the end of the quiz – something they’re more likely to want to exchange for their email address.

They boost your website traffic

Because lead magnet quizzes are so engaging, they drive more traffic to your website. This is great for your stats and SEO, as well as your brand awareness and visibility.

A quiz lead magnet is inexpensive and easy to set up

There are many affordable options out there to help you build a quiz lead magnet for your site. I use Thrive Quiz Builder on WordPress for building my clients quizzes. 

But as with anything, building a quiz takes time – time you may not have to spare. So if you’d rather hand it over to someone else to create for you, I have just the thing for you!

I have only 2 available spots left for my ‘Done For You Quiz Builder’ in September. If you grab yourself one of these spots, you’ll get:

  • A strategy call to chat through your quiz idea and give you tips on how to map it out.
  • Feedback on your questions and results.
  • A mini website to host your quiz.
  • A premium quiz building plugin.
  • Integration with your email marketing software and set up of your nurture sequence.
  • 1 year of hosting (then £50 per year afterwards).

All for £297. So if you’re interested in grabbing one of the 2 available spots, send me an email. The price will be going up to £497 once these spots are booked.

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