If you’ve created a lead magnet for your business and are using it to grow your list, you’re off to a good start. But if you want to build on the know, like and trust factors of business whilst encouraging your list to buy from you, you also need to create a good nurture sequence too.

Why? Because half of those subscribers on your list aren’t yet ready to buy from you. Your nurture sequence helps build the relationship between you and them. And it helps them get to know you better. 

But if you’re wondering what to write in order for that to happen, don’t let that stop you! Here’s a breakdown of the emails you need and how to build in those know, like and trust factors you need.

Your nurture sequence is an essential automation

Your nurture sequence is one of the 7 simple automation your business needs. It’s a simple series of automated emails that are sent once your new subscriber signs up to your lead magnet. These emails start to build on the know, like and trust elements of business. 

In this nurture sequence, you want to thank your subscriber for opting in and start to introduce them to your business. Usually, the nurture sequence is around 7 emails long, but it can be shorter. 

What to write in your nurture sequence emails

So what can you write about in your nurture sequence? Here’s a simple 7-email sequence you can create for yourself.

Email #1: 

Thank them and give them the lead magnet. Let them know where to find it and even how to use it.

Email #2: 

Set expectations in your second email. Let them know what to expect now they’ve signed up to your mailing list. The frequency and topic of emails and anything else you want them to know.

Email #3: 

Share your story. Talk about how and why you started your business and why it matters to them. Share how you’re going to help them.

Email #4:

Now’s a good time to point them to your best resources. Where to find your best freebies and top blog posts. You can always point them towards those blog posts that promote a paid resource, to help encourage them to buy.

Email #5: 

Share where they can find you and else they can get value from you. This can include following you on other platforms, joining your free group, or signing up for an offer.

Email #6: 

Share another piece of value. Relate this to a paid solution or opt straight to making an offer for a paid solution.

Email #7: 

What steps do you want them to take now? This depends on what your email is about. It it could be to share their biggest challenge, answer a question, sign up or buy something.

Build trust automatically into your emails

What’s great about a good nurture sequence is it enables you to build trust into each email. For example, at the end of each email you can set the expectation up for the next. To do this, you can use a simple phrase such as ‘In the following email, I’ll be sharing x, y, z with you’. 

But if you want to grow that trust, you need to keep your promises. Again, a simple phrase such as ‘As promised, here’s the x, y, z I said I’d share with you.

Always look to engage your subscribers

You’re looking to build a relationship with your subscribers, so get them involved. Ask them questions and use microactions to get them engaged. 

A microaction is a simple task that creates the habit of them taking some form of action as a result of your email. This can be as simple as hitting reply, following you on a different platform, completing a poll or checking out a blog post and commenting or sharing it.

Include a PS in your nurture sequence emails!

The PS in an email is often the most read item and is especially useful for the skim-readers! So make sure you include one in your emails. Use it to recap on any promo offers, share links and to summarise what your email was about.

Once you’ve written your nurture sequence, it won’t take long to get it set up and get it running. Check out How to set up a nurture sequence in Mailerlite, for details on how to do this.

Haven’t yet created a lead magnet to entice people to sign up to your mailing list? If you need a little bit of inspiration and help, opt in for your own copy of my Lead Magnet Ideas Generator. It will give you the inspiration you need, as well as practical steps on setting it up and for promoting it, when ready. 

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