If you want to build a list of leads for your business, you will need a lead magnet. In its basic form, it’s an incentive given to your ideal customer in exchange for their name and email address. You can then engage your new subscribers with your automated emails and broadcasts.

But if you’re struggling to understand what to have as your lead magnet, don’t worry. Here’s a quick rundown on what makes a good freebie for your audience, along with a few ideas to get you started.

What’s a good freebie for your business?

A good lead magnet is one that is targeted to your ideal customer. It needs to have a high perceived value to your subscribers and something that gets them a fast result. You therefore need to make sure each freebie you create, focuses on one specific customer profile, one specific thing, and helps them achieve a particular result or quick win.

The different types of lead magnet you can use

There are so many different types of lead magnet you can create for your business. As you’re creating something that focuses on one specific result, it’s easy to see how you can have more than one freebie for your business. That way, you can test out which content and type work best for you. In fact, OptinMonster has a list of 69 potential ideas you can try out, in this blog post

But if you’re looking for some quick ideas to get you started, here are some popular ones to think about and try out.

Written text freebies

These are often the simplest to create. They’re often created in Google Docs or Word and then converted to PDF. This makes it easy for them to be downloaded and viewed. Written text freebie ideas include ebooks, guides, whitepapers, resource guides and case studies. Of course, a simple written text lead magnet could also be a simple email-based course too!

Audio and video lead magnets

If you want to cater for the different learning styles, look into creating an audio or visual-based lead magnet. These include a webinar or tutorial or video series. There’s also the option of an audio ebook or mediation track, as well as a motivational podcast or even a 45-minute coaching session.

Checklists, templates and workbooks

Checklists, templates and workbooks are great, as they’re easy to create and simple to understand.

Planners and calendars

Planners and calendars are a good option too, as they are already planned out for your subscribers. This makes them ideal for things such as social media prompt ideas, meal plans, exercise routines etc.

Lead magnet scripts, swipe files and prompts

This type of lead magnet makes it super easy for your subscribers to do something. They simply have to copy and paste in its entirety or fill in the blanks. Ideas include sales call scripts, story prompts and email campaign swipe files.

Lead magnet bundles

Your lead magnet can look even more high value if you group things together. Think about collating a tutorial and workbook into a bundle, or creating a simple mini-course consisting of video and text-based content.

Interactive lead magnets ideas

Interactive lead magnets are really popular. Quizzes, surveys, giveaways and even apps, can all be designed quite simply and be up on your website in no time.

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