Lead magnets are something all businesses need if they’re looking to grow a mailing list. It’s an essential tool for subscriber acquisition and is of value to both you and your subscribers. The very best lead magnets help your subscribers make that first step toward becoming a loyal subscriber and a new buyer. 

But how can you create a great lead magnet? Read on to find out how to make the best lead magnets for your business and your subscribers!

The best lead magnet is something your ideal subscriber will consume

Because it’s your subscribers that are key here. You could create what you think is the best lead magnet you’ve ever made – but if it isn’t of interest to your subscribers, they’re not going to consume it.

If you’re looking to create the best lead magnets for your business, they need to be of value to your ideal clients. You need it to be something they value and also something they will consume and benefit from. 

Good lead magnets address one small problem

You know so much about your ideal clients, so picking a problem for your lead magnet to solve should be easy for you. Just make sure you only address one problem per lead magnet. That way, you’ll avoid overwhelming or confusing them and help keep them focused.

You want to quickly take them from A to B

When you’re thinking about the layout of your freebie, keep in mind that you’re looking to take them from A to B, not A to Z! You want to quickly take them from one step to the next, so they can celebrate a quick win, once they’ve used or completed your lead magnet. If you’ve selected one small problem, that should be easy – if you’re struggling, there’s a high chance you’ve picked too big an issue to address.

The best lead magnets are short and to the point

If you want your subscribers to consume it, you need to make it short and to the point. Keep it on focus and cut away any excessive text and general waffle.

But also think about the format. You need to pick one that suits them. If you want to know about the different format options you can use for your lead magnet, check out What is a lead magnet?

You need to leave them wanting more

The ideal freebie will give them a quick win for one specific problem, but you also want to leave them wanting more. That doesn’t mean you can’t give them a complete solution or show them more than one step. But if you want to leave them wanting more, it’s better to provide them with one or two steps only or an overview of the entire strategy – not all the meaty how-to’s, as well.

If you’re looking to grow a mailing list of interested subscribers, you need the best lead magnets possible, if you want this strategy to work. The above advice will help you to do just that. And if you’re wondering where you can find some lead magnet ideas for your niche – check out this recent blog post.

You now have the strategy for creating the best lead magnets for your business. But it’s not always easy to come up with great ideas. That’s why I’ve created the Lead Magnet Ideas Generator. It will give you access to a whole heap of lead magnet ideas for your business, along with access to my free Mailerlite training and a checklist for promoting your completed lead magnet! You can opt in for your free copy here.

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