If there’s one area of business that makes business owners shudder, it’s tech! Many want to build a funnel, but few follow that idea through, simply because they’re overwhelmed by the tech. But how does it feel to know that it really isn’t that difficult to get your first funnel up and running? What if I was to tell you that the tech involved is minimal? Don’t believe me? Read on and find out!

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You don’t need as much tech as you think!

Tech can be a little overwhelming for many business owners. But you’ll be pleased to know that you probably don’t need the tech you think you need, to build a funnel! You don’t need expensive tools such as ClickFunnels or LeadPages. You also don’t need a ton of expert tech knowledge to get your own funnel set up and running. Because it isn’t the tools that really matter – it’s more important to have a funnel that works for you.

Keep things simple and cost-effective

And that’s why it’s important you look for simple and cost-effective tools that will help you do just that.Automated email marketing tools such as Mailerlite or Active Campaign, both help you keep costs down, as both offer a free plan to get you started. They help you keep your email marketing simple and effective. When it comes to making sales, you want to use tools that link seamlessly to your website platform and enable you to automatically take sales. You don’t want to be spending your time manually processing and fulfilling orders. That’s why you need funnels in place.

What you do need to build a funnel

The first funnel you’ll want to create is one that builds your mailing list and potentially gets you in a few sales. To set that up you’re going to need:

  • A website (WordPress is the simplest platform to get started on – and it’s free!).
  • An automated email marketing tool (Mailerlite is perfect, if you’re just starting out).
  • A shopping cart to capture sales (PayPal is free to join, and you are only charged a small percentage, for each sale made).

And that’s really all you need! Creating a funnel isn’t that difficult and the tech doesn’t need to be overwhelming or expensive, to get you up and running. Need a little help creating your first website? Check out this blog: Website content ideas to help you get your site up and running. Whilst you’ll find this one helpful if you’re looking to launch and promote your first lead magnet funnel: How to launch your new lead magnet – 10 top tips

Over to you! What are your feelings about tech getting to build a funnel now? Is it something you think you can master (or even love!)? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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