Working for yourself has many advantages. You can set your own working schedule and adjust it as needed. But when it comes to preparing your business for the summer holidays, that advantage can quickly become a disadvantage. Why? Because you suddenly realise how difficult it can be to actually take time away from your business!

It’s not so easy to down tools and take a break away when your business is reliant on you. Not only do you have to consider how you will keep it all ticking over whilst you’re away, but you also have to deal with the associated guilt you may feel around leaving it.

But the good news is, you can still get away for the summer holidays! It just takes a little planning to make that happen. So here are 8 tips to help prepare your business for the summer holidays.

#1: Think about how much time you’ll be taking off for the summer holidays

If you’re looking to prepare your business for the summer holidays, you need to start by establishing how much of it you’ll be working for. Are you looking to take a week or two away, or are you planning on taking a complete step back for a month? Decide how long you’re planning to be away from your business. 

#2: Know what you’ll be selling during this time

You’re going to want to make money while you’re on summer holiday, so think about what you will be selling during this time. If you’re looking to minimise your 1:1 client work during the summer, do you have any passive products you could promote instead?

#3: Batch create content to cover the time you’re away over the summer holidays

Look to batch create your content ahead of time -it’s also a great way to ensure you’re being consistent with your content. This includes writing blog posts, creating social media content, recording any group training videos, and producing any promotional content for those things you’re going to sell whilst you’re away. 

#4: Let clients know when you’re away over the holidays

Ensure you’re keeping your clients in the loop when it comes to your time away. Factor your time away into any quotes and proposals you complete before your holiday. Let existing clients know that you’re going to be unreachable during this period. A good tip is to tell people you’re away a couple of days longer than you are. That way, you’ll have a couple of days free to play catch up once you’re back!

#5: Delegate tasks to a VA to keep things ticking along

Your business doesn’t have to stop whilst you’re away. Batch creating content will help, but why not delegate tasks to a VA as well? They can monitor your emails for you or act as your customer support if needed. Think about all the ways a VA can help you keep things ticking along whilst you’re on holiday.

#6: Think about what you can automate

Automation is a great way to save you time and energy, whether you’re on holiday or not! Look into setting up things like automated emails, social media scheduling and automated Live Chat responses on your website. Check out our blog post Smart ways to use automation in your business for more help with automation.

#7: Forward plan for your first week back

Another good tip is to plan your first week back in advance. Things will inevitably pile up whilst you’re away, and this can lead to overwhelm and procrastination once you’re back. You may also find it difficult to focus back on work once you’ve switched off from it. Planning your tasks for that first week back will help ease you back into work mode.

#8: Permit yourself to enjoy your summer holidays

Everyone needs a break every now and again – and it’s no different for solo entrepreneurs. Whether you decide to take a break in the summer holidays or go away in the winter, there’s a good chance you’re going to feel a little guilty over your decision. 

But if you want to get the most out of your holiday, you need to drop the guilt and switch off. Not only will you enjoy the time away with your family, but you also need it to recharge your batteries. 

So give yourself permission to enjoy your break away. Remind yourself of how essential this is for your health and wellbeing – and know that it’s also crucial for your creativity and productivity. Because once you do that, you’ll not only be able to recharge, but you’ll also come back eager and willing to put in the work to reach your year-end business goals.

If you’re struggling with any of this, do get in touch. I can help you establish the strategies your business needs, to be more effective with technology or more efficient with your time.

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