Writing content for websites has to be one thing my clients struggle with the most. Often though, it’s your own fears and beliefs around your writing abilities that hold you back the most! Everyone is capable of writing content if they just get clear on what steps are needed. So here’s a breakdown of what you need to do, to write content for your website.

Start by knowing who your ideal client is

If you want to write better content for your website, dig deep into knowing your ideal client. It’s my top tip for overcoming your writing fears. The more you know your ideal client, the clearer you’ll be on their problems, questions, dreams and life generally. This helps you to clarify the type of content topics you can write about.

Talk directly to them as an individual

To help ease the overwhelm around writing, focus on talking to one person, not a collective group. It can feel a little daunting if you feel you should be writing for everyone in your niche. So imagine your one perfect ideal client and write for them.

Write as you usually talk

Drop the perfect school-taught grammar! You want to come across in your writing as you would in person. If you swear a lot, drop the odd swear word in your content – because the last thing you want to do is create a false impression of yourself. When they meet you in person, you don’t want to shock them when you open your mouth. Write in a conversational tone as well – and use contractions (for example, use ‘you’ll’ instead of ‘you will’ or ‘shouldn’t’ instead of ‘should not’).

Write content for your website that helps your client in some way

When you know your ideal client you can write content that helps them. And that should be what your content’s focus is. This could be by raising awareness around a problem they may not know they have, through to giving them tips and advice to help them better their life in some way.

Remember also to promote your solutions!

The content you write also needs to promote your business. You can add a call to action to each of your posts, but there are other ways you can do this too. Think about writing content that answers any questions or reservations they may have about working with you. Compare your products or services to others, talk about why they may want to buy your service, and give them an overview or behind the scenes look at working with you.

Honour all the stops along the typical customer journey

The different stages your customers may be at will dictate what type of content you need to cover. It’s no good just giving lots of helpful advice if they’re still grappling with the idea that they may even have a problem. You also don’t want to constantly promote your solutions if they’re not yet ready to take that step. Think about the type of content they most need to read, watch or listen to, at the different stages in their journey.

Share your passion when writing content for your website

Put yourself in the right headspace before you start writing and get enthusiastic about what you’re writing about. That enthusiasm and energy will show in your writing. However, if you struggle to get that enthused about writing and written content creation generally or are short on time, consider switching it out for audio or video content. Alternatively, look into hiring a copywriter to create regular content for you. (I can highly recommend Sarah PJ White’s writing services if you’re looking for someone to write blog posts and social media posts for you!)

Writing content is something many business owners struggle with, but it helps to get clear on your ideal customer first. Use the steps above to help make it easier for you, and if you then still feel stuck, look to either switch it up to a different medium or hire a copywriting professional to write for you.

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