Being an introvert in business can often make it hard to show up. Even being online can be overwhelming at times with all the noise. Being an introvert myself, I often need to switch off and find it hard to show up all the time. Luckily you can use tech to your advantage, as I often do. It enables you to have a visible presence online, without having to show up for yourself! 

So I thought it would be really useful to share my process with you and show how tech enables me to have consistent content going out, even when I don’t feel like showing up.

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Batch write content 

Batch writing your content is a great way of using tech to your advantage. I have a weekly blog post that gets broken down into my daily social media posts. The same blog post is also added to my email automation sequence, and this goes out every Tuesday. As I batch write and create this content, it all gets scheduled in advance – so I don’t need to worry about not having contents going out.

Repurpose content 

I already repurpose my blog into my social media posts as detailed above. However, I also have a bank of content saved in Asana as well. This content is old content that I go back to if I’m not feeling particularly creative. I can then use it for new content. I simply tweak it and repost. Remember that not everyone sees all your posts, so it’s fine to reuse older content in this way!

Use a scheduler

SmarterQueue is the scheduler of choice for me. I use this tool to schedule new and recurring posts in my Facebook Group. If you look to use the available tech to your advantage, you can get your content planned and scheduled for a month in advance. If you want time to switch off and retreat for a while from the world, you can – knowing you have a week or two of content already set up in your scheduler.

Make use of Voxer

I’m using this more and more with clients and actually finding it easier to use than Zoom. I’m pretty confident on Zoom and like chatting face-to-face with clients, but I know some introverts struggle with this. So if that’s you, give Voxer a go. It’s also perfect, if you’re trying to run a business and homeschool right now too. 

I’ve recently taken Elizabeth Goddard’s Rock Your Voxer Offer and am just about to launch my first ‘Day of Voxer’ – it’ll be a way we can strategise your marketing without the need of a 1-2 hour Zoom session. I actually think it will work better, as we can bounce back and forth throughout the day.

Being an introvert in business can often make it hard to show up. Even being online can be overwhelming at times with all the noise. However as the process above demonstrates, you can easily use tech to your advantage and have consistent content going out, even when you don’t feel like showing up.

What are your thoughts about the process above and the use of tech in your business – so drop your comments and thoughts below. And if you’d like to be one of the first to grab a space on my ‘Day of Voxer’, you can head here to find out more.

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