All businesses need to have their own mailing list. It’s how you can build a dedicated database of people interested in you and what you sell. But to create that list of names, you need a form to capture their details. This is why you need to set up an opt-in form to collect leads in Mailerlite. 

Once you’ve created and set up an opt-in form, you need to take the code and embed it on your website. It’s quite an easy thing to do, and I’ve created this blog post to give you an overview of how to do that. It can be a little confusing to read through the process, so if you’d prefer to follow a step-by-step guide, do check out the accompanying video below.

Mailerlite is perfect when you’re just starting with email marketing, so I recommend you sign up for a free account. The free account plan will give you what you need to get started. It’s free for your first 1k contacts and includes access to the automations you’ll need to create and implement your first mailing list.

Set up an opt-in form in Mailerlite

First up, you’ll need to create a new opt-in form for your website. You can do this through the ‘Create Embedded Form’ button within the ‘Forms’ section of Mailerlite. Just make sure you give it a name that makes sense to you – I recommend naming it the same as your lead magnet, as that’s what you’re using to collect subscriber data. You’ll also need to create a new ‘group’ for your list. Think of this as the folder where subscriber names and email addresses are stored. Again, I’d name this the same as your lead magnet to keep things simple.

Design your form

You’re now ready to design your form. You have two options here – you can either create a basic plain form or a full form. The basic predesigned form layout is perfect if you want to embed it on a sales page that already has all of your copy on it. However, the full form is what you need if you want to embed a great looking form on an otherwise plain page on your site. 

You will need to decide if you want to add privacy and GDPR tick boxes to your form. These are done through the ‘Settings’ tab. This is also where you will add your thank you page URL if you have one or edit the success message that’s sent, once someone has signed up. You can also add an image, change the layout, add a background colour, edit the text, and call to action text and button colour through the ‘Design’ tab.

Edit form settings

You can preview your completed form in the ‘Overview’ section, copy the share URL, or get the embed code for your site. I’d also recommend that you turn on double opt-in, which will help prevent spam bots plaguing you! Double opt-in means your subscribers will need to click on an email link to confirm they want to be added to your list. It’s a great way of ensuring you only have interested ‘warm’ subscribers on your list. 

If you want to see how many visitors your form has had, as well as how many have subscribed, you’ll be able to see those figures under each forms overview section once your form is live.

Create or set up an opt-in form thank you page

Ideally, you’ll want to create your thank you page for your subscribers. It’s where you tell them more about the next steps and the importance of clicking on the email link to confirm their subscription. It’s also the place to include a tripwire (or low-priced offer) as soon as they’ve subscribed to help turn new subscribers into buyers. Head over to your website and create one, if needed or make a note to do so, once you’ve finished your form. Just make sure you come back to your form settings to add the thank you page URL to your form once you’re done!

You don’t need a website to start using your opt-in form

If you don’t have a website, you can still start using an opt-in form and building your mailing list.  Each form has its own URL and landing page as standard, so it’s perfect if you don’t have a website yet. 

There’s also a landing page builder within Mailerlite if you want to create a more in-depth, snazzy-looking landing page for yourself. So do go and check it out if you’re going to get started without a website.

Set up an opt-in form on your website

Your final step is to embed your completed opt-in form on your website. There are a few different options for this, depending on your website set-up.

To embed the form, you’ll need to copy and paste the first piece of code into the head tag of your website. If you need help doing this, ask your developer for help or drop me a line. You then need to add the other short piece of code where you want the form to appear.

If you have a WordPress website, it’s a lot easier! You can download the Mailerlite plugin to avoid having to use the longer piece of code. Once the plugin is installed and activated, you’ll see your forms within the plugin. You can then select the form you want to use.

If your website uses HTML code, you’ll need to add the coding to the page you want the form to show on. Alternatively, if you need help with this, give the coding to your developer so they can do this for you.

All businesses need to have a mailing list of interested subscribers. Many are put off with the tech side of things, but that shouldn’t deter you. Simply follow the steps above to create and set up an opt-in form and get it embedded onto your website. You’ll then be ready to start building a list of your own.

It’s not always easy following written instructions, so if you’d rather watch a walkthrough of the entire process, check out the video above. If you have any questions about creating your form, please get in touch with me. And if you’re new to Mailerlite and need help getting your account set up, check out my free Mailerlite training – you’ll find that here

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