All business owners need to set up a nurture sequence and build a relationship with their customers, especially if they want to make more sales! That’s why it’s so important to have a mailing list. It enables you to gather together a list of people interested in your and your business. But it also gives you a platform to send out regular emails to them, so you nurture a relationship with each subscriber.

In the last blog, we looked at how you can set up an opt-in form and embed it onto your website. Your next step is to set up a nurture sequence, so you can start building a relationship with your people. This blog gives you an overview of the steps you need to do that within Mailerlite. If you’d prefer to watch a step-by-step tutorial, check out the video tutorial here.

How to create an automation in Mailerlite

There’s a high chance that you’re using a form in conjunction with a freebie or lead magnet.  An automation email needs to be created to enable you to give your new subscriber the lead magnet or a link to access it.

To create an automation in Mailerlite, go to the forms area and select the form you want to set the automation up in. Go to the ‘Automation’ tab and ‘Create a Workflow’. 

You need to start an automation with a trigger of some kind. This is the action that starts the process off. Your newly created workflow will automatically show your trigger as ‘When a subscriber joins the form’. You can then click on the ‘plus’ icon to add what you want the following action: you can choose from adding an email, a delay, a condition, or an action.

Delivering your lead magnet to your subscribers

You will want to send an immediate email to deliver your lead magnet (or link for it), so click to add an email. You can then add in your email subject line and design the email on the right-hand side of the screen. [In this blog post, we won’t go into the details of actually setting up your email, but if you’d like help with this, check out my Mailerlite training.]

You’ve clicked to add an email; now you need to tell your automation what you want to happen next. Do you want it to stay with this automation or go to a separate one? Read on to find out more about each option.

If you have no plans for more than one lead magnet

If you only have one lead magnet and have no plans for another or want to create a separate nurture sequence for each lead magnet, you can stay with this automation and add in your nurture emails here. So once you’ve delivered your lead magnet, I’d recommend you set up an additional 5-10 emails for your nurture sequence. I’d also look to add a 1-2 days delay between each email.

If you have more than one lead magnet

You’ll want to send your lead magnet email in this automation, but then create a separate automation for your standard nurture email sequence.

To send your automation to a separate nurture sequence, you’ll need to set up your initial lead magnet email and then click on the ‘plus’ icon. Select ‘action’ and select the action ‘Copy to group’ – you can then select the group you want to send them to (such as nurture or newsletter sequences). If you haven’t yet created the new group, click ‘New Group’ and set it up now.

This will keep them in the lead magnet automation but copy them to the other group too. If you select ‘Move to group’, it would take them out. I think it’s much better to copy them, as you can then see how many have signed up to each lead magnet.

Make sure you switch on the automation when finished!

Create your nurture sequence

When you create your nurture sequence, you’re making a workflow from scratch. You’ll need to create a trigger to set the nurture sequence off.

All automations (even the form-specific ones) are stored under the ‘Automations’ tab, so start by going there. Click ‘Create workflow’. You can then set up your workflow trigger for your nurture sequence to say when you want the first email to be sent out. This is usually with the trigger ‘When a subscriber joins a group’.

Select the group(s) you want it to relate to and decide if you want the sequence to repeat if they sign up to a new lead magnet (I’d suggest not repeating it). You can then add in the email and delay, as above.

Moving subscribers from the nurture sequence to another group

You don’t need to keep subscribers in the nurture sequence once complete. Everyone will be going through it anyway, and you’re not using the group for anything else. I’d recommend you then move them from the nurture sequence to another group, such as your primary or newsletter list.

To do this, you want to select the action ‘Move to a group’. Select your main list from the options.

The final step now you’ve set up a nurture sequence

Once you’ve moved subscribers from your nurture sequence and to your main list, there’s one more thing you need to do. Test your form! Go to your landing page URL and enter your details. Check that you get added to your list and receive the correct emails. It’s good practice to test every form you create.

And there you have it! You’ve created your opt-in form and set up a nurture sequence. It can be a bit overwhelming reading through the steps, so if you’d like to watch the step-by-step tutorial, check out the accompanying video.

If you need a little help embedding your form, either contact your website developer or get in touch with me. And if you need some help setting up your Mailerlite account, you can check out my free training on this – you’ll find that here.

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