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Does the fact that Mailchimp doesn’t let you automatically move subscribers from list to list annoy the hell out of you?

You have set up a lead magnet and welcome sequence but now you would quite like to move the subscribers into your main list so they receive your weekly email.

You can do this manually of course but let’s face it you forget and either don’t send emails to the new subscribers again or clone the main email and send it to each list separately (so annoying).

I am going to show you step by step how you can set this up so your subscribers automatically move across to the new list once the welcome sequence is complete.

Watch the video here or follow the instructions below.

You will need:

  • A mailchimp account with more than 1 list and an automation set up
  • A Zapier account

Step #1

Log in to your Mailchimp account and head to your audiences. You’ll find your audiences by clicking on Audience in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

To set up a tag, select manage contacts and then select tags from the dropdown menu.

Now select Create Tag. Choose a name that makes sense. So maybe the list name and complete at the end – so for example “freebiecomplete”.

Then add a test email account to your list and tag it with the above tag. We will need this when we test the zap later.

Step #2

Now head to the automation where you want to move subscribers from. You’ll find your automations in the ‘Ongoing’ tab on the left under “View by status”.

If you don’t have an automation set up yet. Check out this tutorial where i show you how to set up your first Mailchimp automation.

Navigate to the final email in the sequence.

Click on “pause & edit”.

Next to Post-send action select “Add”.

Tick on choose post send action.

Select add tag from drop down menu, and select the tag you just set up.

Step #3

Now you will need to log in to Zapier.

If you don’t have an account you can set one up very quickly here. The account is free for your first five zaps.

Click on “Make a Zap”

Search for Mailchimp and select.

For the trigger event you need to select “New Subscriber With Tag”

Then you will need to connect to your Mailchimp account.

When you get to customise Subscriber, select the list you want to move your subscribers FROM.

Then select the tag you just set up in Mailchimp

Select test and continue.

Move onto step 2 and select Mailchimp again.

The Action event you want to set up is “Add/Update Subscriber”

Choose your account again, click continue.

Now you need to select the following:

Audience: The main list you send your emails from.

Subscriber email: Select Email from the dropdown

Update existing: Yes

Then press continue. Then Test and continue.

Make sure your Zap is named something that you understand and switch it on.

Test it to make sure it works. You may need to wait until your automation completes before seeing if it works in real life so set yourself a reminder to do so.

This is going to save you time and hassle manually moving subscribers from list to list. It will all be done on autopilot!

So what’s stopping you! Go and set it up now. It will only take 10 minutes and will save you so much time and faff in the future.

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