This blog post shows you how to move your Mailchimp subscribers to Mailerlite.

Step #1

Log in to your Mailerlite account and navigate to Subscribers tab. once here click on add subscribers.

Now select Import from Mailchimp.

Step #2

Next click on Connect and you will be asked to log in to your Mailchimp account.

You will then need to select the list(s) you would like to move over.

Step #3

You’ll then need to match up the fields so that email is matched to email and so on.

Step #4

If you wanted to add them to a group do this before clicking on a button. You would do this if, for example, you had different lists set up in Mailchimp and you wanted to set up groups so that you can also segment the data in Mailerlite.

Once you’re done click on Finish Importing Subscribers.

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