Funnels are often confusing for a lot of business owners. Others often find them overwhelming and complicated. But as with anything in business, if you have a simple step-by-step strategy to follow, it makes them an awful lot easier to implement. That’s why it pays to map out your funnels before you start trying to create them.

Here is a simple 8 step strategy you can follow to get your funnels mapped out, so you can swiftly move on to getting them created and up and running for your business.

Step #1: Think about your value ladder before you map out your funnels

Do you have offers for each stage of your customer/client journey? For example, do you have a free offer, low-cost offer and high-cost offer? You don’t have to have all 3; you may just have a free offer to get leads and a high cost 1:1 offer. Equally, you may have more, such as a free offer, low cost, mid-cost and high-cost offer. 

No matter how many stages you plan to take your customer through, you need to think about how you can move them up the ladder, from one step to the next. So sit down and map out your funnels by starting with which order these stages will happen.

Step #2: Think about your free offer 

This is often the first stage of your funnel, so it needs to be something that really helps your ideal customer. Think about what your offer will be. Who is it for? Is it what people want, and does it solve a problem? 

There are so many examples of what you can use for a free offer. These include a webinar, quiz, downloadable worksheet, template, free guide, or even a video series.

Step #3: Map out funnels – by drawing them!

When you map out your funnels, it can often help to see a visual representation. You can then see how each stage interacts with the others. I find using pen and paper is the quickest and easiest way to do this, but there are online programs you can use. 

Step #4: Think about your tech

You don’t need all the fancy and expensive tech you think you need, to create your funnels. You can create a simple funnel with your website and email marketing platform. As this recent blog post illustrates, and platforms like Mailerlite, Active Campaign, Clixli, and WordPress, are all viable options. Each one has its benefits too. The most significant decision will be deciding which one to use!

Step #5: Write your content

You have your funnel mapped out; your next step is to write the content you’ll need. This includes the sales or landing page, thank you page, upsell page (if you’re including this) and your email sequence. Remember to make it compelling and sell the benefits. Also, remember your call to actions – what is the next step you want them to take?

Step #6: Build your funnel

So you have your value ladder, and you know the different stages you’re taking your customer through. You’ve got your funnel mapped out and have also decided which tech tools to use, and have written out your content. Now it’s time to actually build it! Use all the assets you’ve created and start to build your funnel in your chosen platform(s).

Step #7: Promote your free offer

You may think that now you have built your funnel, the process is complete, but that isn’t the case. You need to take two more essential steps – and the first is promoting your free offer. 

Take some time now to map out how you will promote your free offer and get people into your funnel.

Step #8: Look at your numbers and optimise

It’s all well and good getting your funnel out there, but it isn’t something you can set up and forget about. Pay close attention to your conversion rates. These will help tell you what is and isn’t working. Because the crucial last step is to look at your numbers and test, tweak and optimise as needed. After all, you’ll want to make your funnel as effective as possible, right?

The above steps will help you map out your funnels logically and straightforwardly. I know I’ve made this sound a lot easier than it is and you probably find funnels overwhelming and confusing. And I get that, which is why I don’t want to end this process here. I want to give you the most help I can – so  I’m running a week of free funnel training from 22-26th February. Sign up here, if you’d like to get in on that free training and get your funnel mapped out!

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