It’s one thing to know you need a new website, but investing in a web designer isn’t always a feasible option. Sometimes you simply don’t have the budget to hire someone to professionally build your new website for you. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

If you’re in a position where for whatever reason you need to tackle it yourself, here’s how you can DIY your website.

Start by deciding on the platform for your website

Firstly decide on your platform. If you just want a website and don’t need a course platform, then I’d 100% recommend WordPress. Around 35% of all websites are built on WordPress, and Google loves a website built on this platform! There are other options out there, but I recommend WordPress over Wix or Squarespace, because it has a lot more flexibility, and it’s easier to rank in the search engines.

If you have a course or membership, then do consider Kajabi. It’s an all-in-one platform, and you won’t need anything else. You can build your website, course and email marketing all in one place.

Next, think about your content

You need to establish what content you’ll put on your website. Get a clear idea of the pages you want on your site, as well as the type of content you’re going to put on there. There are certain pages every website should have, so make sure you know what they are. 

When it comes to content, you need to think about the medium (video, podcast, written) and the different topics (subjects) you’ll want to cover. It’s helpful to create a list of ‘content buckets’ that cover your main key topics – these are the main topics you’ll be creating content around. You can then break each topic down into smaller more specific sections, to give you a broader range of topics to write about.

If you’re looking for a breakdown of the pages you’ll need, check out What to include on your website. If you’re looking for extra help on what content to add to your site, check out the recent blog How to write content for your website, if you’re stuck with this.

Finally, think about the design of your website

Both WordPress and Kajabi come with pre-built themes, but you may want to buy a template. Templates are predesigned, so you just need to add your own branding and drop in your content, as needed.

To help you with this further, I’m creating templates for both platforms. You’re not just getting templates when you buy these though, you’ll also have me guiding you through how to set up your website and how to add content to your templates too. This will help both simplify and speed up the process for you. Get on the waitlist for those templates here.

It is possible to DIY your website if investing in a web designer isn’t an available option for you. The key though is to use the points above to get clear on the order in which to do things, as this will help minimise overwhelm. 

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