All businesses need at least one lead magnet. Having a mailing list enables you to grow your own list of interested subscribers. In the last blog post, we looked at what a lead magnet was, along with some good ideas for you to try out. But now you have those ideas, how can you create a lead magnet for your business?

Before you start to create a lead magnet, you need to do your research. Begin by knowing your target audience and the type of quick win they want to achieve. You can then choose the right type of lead magnet and plan it all out. Once you have it planned, you can get creative. 

But if you’re wondering what tools you’ll need to create your freebie, don’t worry! Here’s a quick overview of the different types of tools you’ll need, depending on the type of content you’re looking to create.

Canva – essential for any graphic creation

Canva is an essential tool for your business, whether you’re looking to create a lead magnet or website graphics. It’s perfect for workbooks and pdfs, as well as making any text and image-based document look pretty and professional. You can find out more about Canva, here.

Zoom – perfect to create a live lead magnet presentation

If you’re looking to create webinars and masterclasses, Zoom is the tool for you. Basically, it’s ideal for anything you’re running as a live format. You can run the call live and then save the recording to use as a replay. You’ll need to upgrade to the paid ‘Pro’ version if you’re looking to run meetings of over 40 minutes in length.

Loom – ideal for a video freebie

Loom is great if you want to record your desktop with you narrating, making it perfect for slide presentations and tutorials. You can also use Loom to record yourself talking to the camera. However, if you want your own branding and record videos of over 5 minutes, you’ll need to upgrade to Loom’s ‘business’ plan

Filmora or Camtasia – video editing and recording

If you’re recording videos, you’re going to need to do some editing. Camtasia is the top choice, but if you’re on a budget, opt for Filmora. What’s great about both is you can also use them to record your videos in as well!

Thrive Quiz Builder or Interact – to create a lead magnet quiz

A quiz lead magnet is a good idea as they’re incredibly popular, easy to take part in and they’re entertaining for the participant. Both of these options are perfect for the job. You can find out about Thrive Quiz Builder here, whilst you’ll want to click here if you want to try out Interact.

Typeform or Google Forms for feedback and surveys

For surveys, you’ll need either Typeform or Google Forms. Both are easy to use, but if you want really great looking forms, you’ll prefer Typeform.

Want to create a lead magnet giveaway? Check out Rafflecopter

Finally, if you’re looking to create giveaways and sweepstakes, check out Rafflecopter. It’s one of the easiest ways to get started and if you opt for a growth plan, you get one-click integration with your email list provider too.

All businesses need at least one lead magnet. But once you’ve got someone on your list, you need to start growing that relationship. It’s time to create your lead nurture sequence

The beauty of having your own freebies is you can create a lead magnet or two and then test both the format and content. Then you can narrow down your options and keep the best ones. If you’d like some more help with lead magnet ideas, check out my lead magnet ideas generator – you’ll find it here.

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