Are you looking to create a lead magnet? If so, Canva is a great solution. It’s quick and easy to use and is packed with features to help make life easier for you. So whether you’re looking to create a downloadable PDF document, such as a workbook, ebook, planner, checklist, this blog gives you an overview of how to create a lead magnet with Canva. 

If you’d prefer to watch a step-by-step walkthrough, I’ve created a quick video tutorial showing you exactly how to use Canva, and you’ll find that below. However, if you’d rather read through the process, keep reading!

Creating a Canva account

Canva does have a free version, and this will enable you to create a lead magnet. However, I recommend you sign up for a Canva Pro account, as it’s completely worth the small investment. This enables you to create a brand kit with your colours and fonts and have it to hand for all your designs. You also have access to a bigger library of photos and templates and additional functionality (such as removing the background on photos and downloading documents with transparent backgrounds). 

How to create a lead magnet with Canva

Start by using the search bar to find the template you want. You can search any template you need; simply type in your search criteria. In the video I searched for an ebook template. But a quick warning here – don’t spend a huge amount of time on this! It’s easy to get lost down that rabbit hole, so set a timer and have a quick browse through the available templates.

Alter your template

You want to keep it relatively simple for a lead magnet and not have too many images or colours. This is just in case people are printing it out. You don’t want them cursing you as they need to use loads of printer ink.

You’ll want to keep your lead magnet on brand, so people recognise it as yours. Pick colours and fonts that match your branding. You can upload your own font – but this is only available within the pro feature.

Have an image on the front page and keep the main background colour white with dark text. Keep pictures on the inside to a minimum; just use them to help break up the text. 

Talking of images, you can upload your logo and your own photos or pick ones from the stock images within Canva. To do this, go to the elements section, then search for photos by keyword.  If you want to select just the available free images, use the filter (on the right side of the search bar) to filter out the premium image options.

Add your content and download your lead magnet

Add in your remaining content. Canva will save your changes as you go. You can then click to download your design. You’ll need a PDF version of your document as it’s easier for your lead magnet subscribers to download and print.

You will then need to upload it to where you host your documents – such as your website (make sure search engines can’t find it), Google Drive or Amazon S3 storage. Remember to add the link to your website thank you page or lead magnet delivery email within your nurture sequence.

Want to make it even easier to create a lead magnet with Canva?

I’ve made life even easier for you – by creating a lead magnet template! It has all the different types of lead magnet you may need. This includes templates for your front page and the contents, intro, about pages, and client review pages. I’ve created it, so you have different pages for written content (such as an ebook), note pages for workbooks, as well as checklists and process pages. You’ll also find workbook pages, tasks to-do, planner and quiz pages, and even a couple of call to action pages for your next steps!

You can move the pages around and change their order as needed. If you want to change the colours and add in your branding, you can. A quick tip – when changing colour, click the item you wish to change and look at the bottom of the navigation bar. It will ask if you want to ‘change all’, so you can change that colour throughout the entire document to your new one!

You can also change the order of sections within the document – simply click shift on your keyboard, and whilst holding it down, click the areas you want before dragging them all to where you want to move them to. 

This lead magnet template is a handy all-in-one document – simply use what you need. Keep a master copy and duplicate the template to create a new document. You can then copy and delete the pages you don’t need. 

This document will save you SO much time! If you want to download the template, it’s just £7, and you can purchase your copy here. And if you have any questions about using the template or how to create your lead magnet with Canva, drop them below!

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