If you want your business to grow in a structured, focused way, you need to use a marketing system. But if you want to streamline your marketing efforts, cut down on the time you’re spending on marketing and create consistent results, you need to automate your marketing.

Recently, we took a look at how to get the right marketing system in place.[If you haven’t yet read that blog, you will find it here.] And as that article pointed out:

Getting the right marketing system in place means looking at automation. You want it to run smoothly, replicate the process repeatedly and give you the same results. 

So what exactly can you automate? Here’s a breakdown of the main areas of your marketing system that can easily be automated.

#1: Automate your customer journey

The vast majority of your customer journey can be automated.  Email sequences can be created to build relationships and encourage customers to move along the journey. Even the booking process for calls can be automated, and the follow up afterwards. And finally, buying a product or service and your sales follow up can all run automatically.

#2: Automate your marketing on social media

Social media can be automated and scheduled in advance. You can batch create the content and schedule a month’s worth in a few hours. You can also automate the repurposing content, ensuring your promotional and popular posts are recycled and reused. I’d still recommend you post ad-hoc posts and reply to comments, to start conversations.

#3: Automate your client onboarding

There are some great automation tools out there that will help you keep track of your client onboarding processes. Systems like Dubsado enable you to create workflows to send out contracts, proposals, invoices and follow up content etc.

#4: Automate your sales funnel

When it comes to marketing, social media has made it easy to reach your ideal audience and automate the process. Take Facebook ads, for example. You can create targeted ads to reach your perfect audience, and set up a retargeting pixel to target those who have already visited your site and shown an interest. You can then trigger email campaigns and sequences to take them through the customer journey and onto the purchase.

#5: Automate your lead generation

Finally, there’s one of the most critical parts of your marketing – lead generation. If you’re going to start to automate your marketing, lead generation is the starting point. Automating your lead magnet and email opt-ins enables you to get interested people into your entire sales and marketing funnel. You can then use other automation strategies above to email and nurture them.

I know that not all of your marketing can be automated. But when you automate the bulk of it, you’re making the process more efficient and making the journey easier for your customers. And let’s not forget, automation also makes life a lot easier for you too!

If you’re looking for some top marketing tools to help you automate your marketing, check out this recent blog post. And if you want some help with automating your list and increasing sales, take a look at how my Laid Back List building service may be of help.

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