Growing a list is an essential marketing tool for all online businesses. The problem is many business owners avoid it, simply because they think it’s a complicated thing to set up. They believe that it takes a lot of expensive, complicated tech tools to get it started and it’s something best reserved for the more experienced, established business owner. 

But in letting those tech fears and overwhelm beliefs get the better of them, they’re missing the chance to use a brilliant and incredibly responsive form of marketing. So if you’re ready to step past those fears and focus instead on the reality of growing a list, read on!

Why growing a list is essential

Growing a mailing list is an essential part of running a successful business. You’ll benefit from it in so many different ways. Rather than spending time and energy marketing yourself to anyone and everyone, a list enables you to establish who’s interested in your services. You can then focus on building relationships with those people. This increases your chances of making more sales and growing those super fans who are going to support your business as it grows. 

Myths and fears are the main reason businesses fail

There are so many myths around building and growing a list and it’s these that tend to feed into those fears. Many business owners are stuck on the old style of marketing, where you have to constantly bombard your list with promo emails. It’s this belief that leads others to fear growing their own list – they don’t want to be pushy or ‘spammy’. Another myth is that you need huge numbers of subscribers. Again, it’s just a myth. Yes, having a lot of people on your list can be good – but only if they’re interested in your business! 

Tech is the number one reason for not growing a list

But tech is by far the biggest reason why many small businesses don’t consider growing a list. They’re simply overwhelmed by the idea of the tech involved. But as this recent blog illustrates, you don’t need a lot of tech to build a funnel and grow your list. You actually need very little tech at all! It’s even super easy to set up a landing page that captures email addresses and start growing your list.

Don’t let tech fear and overwhelm get in the way of growing a list of your own. Because it’s like a lot of business fears and worries – the reality is a lot different to the fears in your head. When you take the time to investigate it a little further, you’ll see that it’s actually a simple thing to set up and implement. You can quickly set yourself up with a mailing platform and get going in an afternoon. How’s that for easy!

My top recommendation for your first email list is Mailerlite. Not only is it simple to set up and use, but it’s also free for the first 1,000 subscribers you have. If you’re ready to get started, your next job has to be setting up a Mailerlite account. But don’t worry, I have you covered! Click here to opt-in for my free Mailerlite training – I’ll take you on a walkthrough of the platform and the steps you need to take, to set up your account.

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