A good opt-in page is essential if you want to increase your mailing list and make more sales. An Opt-in page allows visitors to sign up and give you their permission to send them follow-up emails that keep them updated on your news and offers. It’s also the first step within your sales funnel, as when they opt-in, they’re registering their interest in your business, products and services.

But it isn’t always easy to get your visitors to hand over their contact information. People are more alert to the fact that in opting in, they’re going to get emails – and that could mean receiving a load of spam and junk emails. That’s why you need to ensure your opt-in page is offering a freebie (or ‘lead magnet’) that’s of real value to your reader, and your follow-up nurture emails are offering even more value.

The perfect opt-in page isn’t like your other website pages

An opt-in page is different from the other pages on your website, as it only gives visitors one simple choice – enter their name and email address to ‘opt-in’ or leave the page. Unlike the other pages on your website, it, therefore, doesn’t have a main navigation bar or sidebar to distract attention from that primary purpose.

This page will, however, still include your branding and compelling visuals. Those visual images need to support your opt-in page copy and help communicate what you’re offering in exchange for your visitor’s name and email address. 

creating the perfect opt in page

What to include for the perfect opt-in page

So what else does your perfect opt-in page need to have? Here’s a breakdown of the elements that make for a great looking (and high converting!) opt-in page:

A catchy headline

You want a headline that’s going to grab your reader’s attention. It needs to be concise and offer them a highly desirable solution to a problem they have – a problem your freebie will actively help them solve.


A subheadline needs to be concise too. Its primary function is to give context to your main headline and highlight the benefit of your solution.

Body copy

The primary copy of your opt-in page is broken down into sections. You use the copy to restate the issue, offer your solution and illustrate the benefits they can get from downloading your lead magnet. These are usually in the form of a bulleted list. You can then follow it up with a little bit about you and why they should trust you.

You can opt for a long or short form opt-in page. Both types perform well, so it’s really a case of testing which one works best for your lead magnet. 

Opt-in form

The opt-in form is the crucial part of the page! It asks for the minimum information needed to add someone to your list. This is usually just their email address or name and email address. This is kept to a minimum as the more personal information you ask of them, the less likely they will opt-in. [This blog gives you the steps to take to create an opt-in form in a free Mailerlite account.]

Call to action

The call to action (or CTA) is where you let your visitors know what you want them to do next. It’s a clickable button that clearly states what action you want them to take – to sign up, download now, grab the download, or take advantage of this offer. Once they click this button, they’ll be added to your mailing list and sent the lead magnet they opted in for.

Social proof

You need people to trust you enough to sign up on your opt-in page. Social proof helps to illustrate that you’re trustworthy and your lead magnet is worth having. When they see others recommending you, they’re more likely to trust you themselves. You can show social proof by showing social media screen grabs of positive comments, photos of happy subscribers or simple text quote testimonials. 

A good opt-in page is essential if you want to grow your mailing list and ultimately make more sales. But it will only work well for you if you’re offering something your audience wants and needs. Check out this recent blog post for the different lead magnets options that work for four key business niches. 

Looking to create the perfect lead magnet for your opt-in page? Check out my lead magnet template for Canva. It’s an editable template that contains all the standard pages you’ll need to create your perfect lead magnet. So if you want to save time and energy building your next lead magnet, click here to grab your copy!

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