If you want to build a mailing list, you’re going to need an irresistible lead magnet. You want something that solves a problem for your ideal clients, so they’re happy to exchange their email address for it.  But so many business owners put off creating a lead magnet because they feel overwhelmed by the tech and the overall process. 

But if you want to grow your mailing list and your business generally, you are going to need to create one.

So here’s what you need to know, about creating and delivering an irresistible lead magnet for your business.

Decide what you’re going to create

There are so many different lead magnets you can create! Not only does it come down to choosing a topic, but there’s also the format to consider too. So here are the easiest formats along with some topic ideas to get you started:

  • Checklists – ‘Get your business admin organised in a few easy steps’, ‘Spring clean your biz’.
  • Quizzes – ‘Are you ready to outsource?’, ‘What type of freelancer are you?’, ‘Are you smart with money?’
  • How to guide – ‘How to set up social media automation’, ‘How to get your business ready for scaling’.
  • Planner – ‘Social Media Planner’ – ’30 social media post prompts’, ‘Weekly Planner’.
  • Cheatsheet – ‘Free website cheatsheet to make your website more engaging’, ‘How to save time in your business today’, ‘Tasks to delegate to a VA’.
  • Workbook – ‘Goal setting workbook’, ‘Journaling prompts’.
  • Toolkit – ‘Top apps to help you organise your business’, ‘Social Media Toolkit’.
  • Ebook/Free Training – ‘Hiring your first VA – What you need to know’, ‘Process of planning social media content’, ‘Coaching tools to help you grow your business’.

No matter what topic and format you choose, if you want it to be an irresistible lead magnet, it does need to be on a subject that resonates with your clients. This blog shows you how to narrow down your options and pick a lead magnet that’s right for your business and your clients: How to decide on the right lead magnet.

How to create your lead magnet

No matter what type of lead magnet you choose, you then need to create it. Canva is one of the easiest ways to create the majority of lead magnets. It will enable you to create pretty much most of the ideas mentioned above. 

If you’re thinking of creating a quiz, check out Interact. You can make your own quiz for free, but you’ll need to upgrade to the lite version ($17 a month, if on annual payments) to get the integrations you need. 

How to deliver your irresistible lead magnet

You’ll need an emailing platform set up to deliver your lead magnet. There are many options to choose from, so do your research before choosing. I’d recommend you sign up for their trials too, so you can see how you get on with them first. 

If you’re just starting out my preferred platform is Mailerlite, as it’s free for your first 1,000 subscribers. And if you’re scaling up, I’d suggest you go with Active Campaign, as they have more advanced automation capabilities (you’ll need to opt for the lite pricing band).

Once you have your emailing platform set up, you’ll need to create your landing and thank you pages. Ideally, you’ll also create a welcome email and email nurture sequence – but don’t worry if that all sounds a little complex. You’ll find a complete breakdown of those steps in our blog post entitled ‘How to get your mailing list started in a day’.

Did you decide what irresistible lead magnet you’re going to create for your business? Let me know what you choose, by leaving a comment below.

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