Choosing tech is something that can be pretty stressful for so many business owners. Often, this is due to the sheer number of available options you have, as well as the uncertainty about what tech you need to get things set up and running for your business. 

But tech selection doesn’t have to be overwhelming or headache-inducing! Here are some pointers to help alleviate the stress and help you make confident decisions that are right for your tech needs.

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Identify what tech solutions you need

You need to know your customer journey and your business needs before identifying the tech solutions that are right for you. Spend a little time mapping out your customer journey and the processes involved to help ascertain what tech you’ll need. 

At a bare minimum, you’ll need:

  • A website.
  • A way for people to pay you.
  • A course or membership platform (if you’re looking to sell these).
  • A way to grow your audience and market your business (email marketing and social media scheduling).
  • A way to manage your clients, workflows and processes.

These tech solutions will all help you to manage and run your business more efficiently.

Recommended tech solutions

When it comes to selecting the right tech for you, it’s always good to get recommendations! So here’s a quick rundown of the tech tools I’d suggest you check out.


WordPress – Using the Divi builder or Elementor. Use their pre-built templates or purchase premium templates.

Kajabi – An all in one platform where you can host everything (website, course/membership and email marketing). [Click here to check out Kajabi.]

Taking payments

PayPal or Stripe – You will need a PayPal or Stripe account to take payment from clients.

Shopping cart – Payment links, Thrivecart, Woocommerce, Send Owl, Kajabi.

Calendar booking

Calendly or Acuity – Very similar calendar booking systems. You can set up different appointments, sync to zoom and your online calendar and also take payment. Check out Calendly here or click here for Acuity.

Dubsado – A client management tool. They also have the calendar booking integrated. You can check out all the great features within Dubsado here.

Course/membership platform

Kajabi – Simple to use, all in one platform. Premium price but worth the investment. [Click here to check out Kajabi.]

Membervault – Very easy to use and is free for your first 100 members. It offers a binge and buy experience and encourages engagement. You can check out Membervault here.

Email Marketing

Mailerlite – It’s free for your first 1000 contacts and includes automation and landing pages. It’s super easy to use too. You can check out Mailerlite here. And also, check out my free training on how to set up your Mailerlite account here.

Active Campaign – For more advanced email marketing and if you want to build more complex automation. Check out Active Campaign here.

Social Media Scheduling

SmarterQueue – You can schedule content, repurpose old content, distribute content across multiple platforms, and build different content categories. Click here to check out SmarterQueue.

Managing client workflows and processes

Dubsado – A client management tool that features a calendar booking, sending out proposals, contracts and invoices, taking payments and managing projects. [Check out Dubsado here.]

Asana – A way of managing projects with clients and your team. [Click here to check out Asana.]

Ensure you’re choosing future-proof tech

Save yourself a headache down the line by choosing tech for where you see yourself headed, not based on where you currently are. Your tech needs to be able to grow and adapt to your needs. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself spending more and wasting time switching from one tool to another.

So how can you choose future-proof tech?

  • Think about your big vision.
  • Will you be launching a course or membership now or in the future?
  • What can you afford?
  • Consider how big of a job it would be to move platforms in the future.

Make use of your available tech support resources

Once you’ve chosen your tech, make sure to check out their available support resources. This helps minimise any overwhelm and stress you may feel over setting up and using your tech tools. You’ll often have the ability to raise a support request or chat live with a customer service or tech support advisor.

But if you’d rather avoid any stress, why not consider hiring an expert? They can help train you in your new tech, troubleshoot any problems or simply set and manage any tech for you.

If you’d like help with your tech selection and set-up, why not head over to my Work With Me page? You can check out my available solutions and also book a free call to discuss your options!

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