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How to map out your funnels

How to map out your funnels

Funnels are often confusing for a lot of business owners. Others often find them overwhelming and complicated. But as with anything in business, if you have a simple step-by-step strategy to follow, it makes them an awful lot easier to implement. That's why it pays to...

Email marketing versus social media

Email marketing versus social media

As a business owner who’s marketing a business, it’s understandable that you want to make the most of the available platforms. However, this usually ends up being the different social media platforms, simply because they’re easy to get set up. But if you’re looking...

Which email marketing service is the best?

Which email marketing service is the best?

Many online business owners are embracing the need to grow their own mailing list. But one thing that is often hotly debated is which email marketing service is the best? There are some great companies out there providing email marketing platforms, so, understandably,...

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Set up an autoresponder email sequence to go out when someone signs up to your emails. This will build your know like and trust.

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