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Free Mailchimp vs Mailerlite

Free Mailchimp vs Mailerlite

If you're looking at email marketing solutions and are wondering where to start, this is my opinion on Free Mailchimp vs Mailerlite and why I think the latter is the better option if you are a small business just starting to build a list. Mailchimp Changes Earlier...

How to move Mailchimp subscribers to Mailerlite

How to move Mailchimp subscribers to Mailerlite

This blog post shows you how to move your Mailchimp subscribers to Mailerlite. Step #1 Log in to your Mailerlite account and navigate to Subscribers tab. once here click on add subscribers. Now select Import from Mailchimp. Step #2 Next click on Connect and you will...

Redundant at 7 weeks pregnant – what would you do?

Redundant at 7 weeks pregnant – what would you do?

What would you do if you got made redundant when you were 7 weeks pregnant? 5 years ago, I got called into the office. Something was telling me that this was not going to be good news and I was right. The managing director was telling me that they were going to have...

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Set up an autoresponder email sequence to go out when someone signs up to your emails. This will build your know like and trust.

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