Running your own business can be time-consuming. There’s so much involved, from admin to client satisfaction, and it’s no wonder things can get a little busy at times! That’s where automations come into the picture. You can use automations to set up things to run without your input, saving you time and energy.

But if you’re wondering where to start, don’t worry! Here are some simple automations to set up when things get busy.

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#1: Email autoresponder to manage client expectations

When things get busy, you don’t want to spend time responding to every email you receive. However, you also need to let senders know you’ve received their email. That’s when an automated response will come in handy. 

You can set this up in your email client account (the place where you check your emails). The set-up will be different for everyone but generally can be found in your main settings. Feel free to use my autoresponder email as a template:

Hi there!

Thanks for sending me an email! This is just a quick note to let you know it has arrived safely in my inbox & it is waiting patiently with all the others that arrived earlier today.

My working hours are usually 9.30am to 3pm Monday to Thursday. 

My attention will be on the wonderful clients I have, and so I tend not to distract myself with emails throughout the day. 

I check in on emails twice a day just to make sure none of them are screaming for our immediate attention. I’ll do my utmost to reply within 24 hours, if not sooner!

If you are a new potential client…WELCOME & thank you for thinking of me.  I will get back to you when I’m back tomorrow.  

In the meantime, if you would like to know more about working with me, check out my website here, book a call with me here or just hold tight, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Take care for now!

Lisa x

#2: Make use of client workflows

Use Dubsado to set up client workflows, as they’ll help save you so much time. This type of automation enables you to move a client forward in some way automatically. For example, this is one I have been working on recently:

  1. Client enquires about service.
  2. Calendar link is sent.
  3. Client books in time and fills out a form to gather info (name, email address, reason for call).
  4. Confirmation email is sent, triggering the invoice and contract to be sent to the client.
  5. Reminder emails and Zoom links are all set up in the background and sent out before the appointment.

You only need to set this up once, and you will never have to waste time doing this manually again!

#3: Set up lead generation automations

If you’re looking to grow a mailing list, you will want to set up a freebie that people can sign up for on your website. You can drive people to it from social media, Facebook ads, Pinterest etc. Also, set up an automation for this and send out nurture emails too. You can use The Freebie Kit to help speed up the entire lead magnet process. You’ll LOVE it – and can find all the details on it here.

[If you need some help with lead generation ideas, check out these lead magnet ideas for 4 key business niches.]

#4: Abandon cart emails are one of the essential automations to set up

Have physical or digital products? Consider setting up an abandoned cart email. You can do this in most email marketing platforms. This will then trigger when someone leaves your shopping cart without purchasing – something that’s easily done if you get sidetracked! It’s a great way to remind them to complete the purchase.

Your abandoned cart email is just one of the five automated email sequences I recommend you have in place. Click here to find out what the other four sequences are.

#5: Send out automated feedback forms

Feedback forms are so valuable for your business. They help you gauge client satisfaction and give you a way to gather testimonials, feedback, and insights. Have a process in place to automate this so it runs seamlessly without your input. This can be done in Dubsado or in your email marketing platform.

If you’re looking for help setting up your automations, why not take advantage of a paid Tech Strategy Session? You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of your next steps, a project plan to get there and email access for two weeks, in case you have any questions! You can find out more and book your Tech Strategy Session here.

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