It’s an exciting moment, having a new website. You’ve worked hard on it and it looks amazing and now, you’re ready to show it to the world. But before you launch your website, it’s worth double checking every part of it, to ensure everything is how it should be, before you go live. So here’s my 25-point checklist to help make that easier for you!

#1: Have you checked your navigation bar?

Does everything go where it’s meant to – and is it both simple to find and simple to use?

#2: Does your website look the part and flow easily?

Does the flow of the site work for your customer – and can they find what they need (i.e. is it clear what the next step is)?

#3: Do you have all your legal pages set up?

If you’re using a template, have you edited the preformatted pages to show your business name etc? If you’re creating your legal pages from scratch – have you got a privacy page, cookie policy, terms of service etc, and are all the links working?

#4: Before you launch your website, test out your opt-in forms

If you’re looking to build a mailing list, you’ll need opt-in forms on your site. But have you checked that your opt-in forms work? Have you linked them to the right email sequence? Enter your details and test them all out. 

#5: Are you all your sales funnels working as they should?

Have you turned on/published all of the pages – including the thank you page – and do they all work as they should?

#6: Look for any spelling and grammatical errors

Use a grammar and spelling check, such as Grammarly, to check everything!

#7: Have you set up your favicon? 

This is your little logo that shows up on the browser tab, when you go to your site URL. It’s easy to forget this one, especially if you’re working from a website template or using a Kajabi page!

#8: Are your social media icons working?

Again, this is something else that’s easy to forget to set up before you launch your website, especially when using a template or a new Kajabi page! Check they go to your social media accounts.

#9: Have you added social media share icons to your site?

Make it easy for people to share your pages and blogs, by adding share icons to your site. For Kajabi sites, use AddThis – for WordPress, opt for a good plugin, such as Simple Social Icons.

#10: Have you checked your payment process?

 Is it all working as it should, and, if you’ve set up any zaps – are they triggering? If you’re using Stripe as your payment processor, have you switched it from test to live mode?

#11: Are your permalinks set up how you’d like them to be?

Have you changed the permalink for your site, so it is set to your website URL/page name – and not a random or long-winded link?

#12: Are your website settings correct? 

Double-check that you’ve updated your website name, description and timezone within your website settings. It’s the little things like this, that are often overlooked when you launch your website.

#13: Do you have an SSL in place? 

Many domain registrations include an SSL certificate, as do a lot of the website hosting providers – but if yours doesn’t and you want a free one, go to Let’s Encrypt.

#14: Have you turned on the antispam plugin?

 WordPress sites will have Akismet automatically uploaded on them – so make sure you set this up before you launch your website.

#15: Have you switched off any ‘coming soon’ plugins?

It’s an easy one to forget, especially if you’re working on an existing website!

#16: Have you checked all third-party integrations? 

Go through and double check they all work and there’s no compatibility issues. So check out your calendar plugin, Zapier integration, email marketing provider and your shopping cart.

#17: Have you set up analytics?

You need Google Analytics, if you want to monitor site traffic – so make sure you set it up, before you launch your website. 

#18: Have you installed the pixels you need?

Same with your pixels – including Facebook and Pinterest.

#19: Are all your images optimised? 

Images affect your website speed and SEO, so ensure you’ve added alt-text to your images and that you’ve also run your images through a compression program (such as TinyPNG) or have set up the WPSmush plugin on your WordPress site.

#20: Have you replaced any placeholder images?

Check that all your image blocks have… images!

#21: Do you have GDPR covered? 

This is an important one – have you set up a cookie plugin (such as Cookiebot) to ensure your cookies aren’t firing without prior permission? And have you turned on the option for GDPR opt-in tick boxes on your opt-in forms?

#22: How’s your SEO looking?  

Have you set up an SEO plugin (such as SEO Yoast) and optimised all of your pages and blog posts? It’s much easier to do this before you launch your website!

#23: How does your site look on the different media?

Check out how your site looks on your PC and your phone and tablet. This will help ensure the different screen sizes don’t make your layout look weird or unreadable.

#24: Has your sitemap got everything on it?

 And have you submitted it to Google? Luckily, if you’ve installed SEO Yoast, it will create a sitemap for you, to make this easier.

#25: Have you created a backup of your site

Finally, run a backup of your site! Use a plugin like UpdraftPlus and set it up to run regular backups of your site. If you’re using Kajabi for your site, they will run a backup of your main site for you. But it’s worth going to each of your main pages and downloading a copy, just in case anything goes wrong or you update the wrong thing!

So over to you! Are you ready to launch your website? Did you check through the list above – and were there any checks that tripped you up and highlighted something you’d missed? I’d love to hear about your experiences so do please share them in the comments section!

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